Humanitairan Action

Sustainable development goal 1
SDG 13 climate action
SDG 16 Peace justive and strong institutions

Flanders wants to show solidarity with people who are affected by a natural disaster or conflict. Because everyone is entitled to a decent life, Flanders appropriates a budget to support humanitarian actions.

To make sure people receive help as soon as possible following a disaster, Flanders deposits an annual contribution into the UN Central Emergency Response Fund. This fund guarantees that humanitarian organisations have the necessary funds at their disposal within 48 hours to save as many lives as possible.

Flanders also believes it is important that its partner countries, Malawi and Mozambique, which are often struck by natural disasters, can better prepare themselves for such situations and avoid more casualties. For this reason, Flanders gives structural support to these countries to help them do so.

Finally, the Government of Flanders also allocates grants directly to humanitarian organisations in the event of an acute disaster to help people in need.