Sustainable development goal 1
SDG Good health
Sustainable Development goal 5

Flanders helps promote the right to health for everyone, everywhere. It scores very well internationally in terms of access to healthcare. The prevention of disease and invalidity is given increased attention as well. The Flemish universities and care institutions have a lot of in-house expertise on how a health system is best organised.  A lot of companies here are also actively engaged in developing and producing all kinds of technologies (medicines and vaccines, digital imaging, etc.) for the healthcare sector. All these efforts are based on the single realisation that good physical and mental health is an absolute prerequisite for sustainable development and the general well-being of the Flemish people. 

We also champion this awareness in the development cooperation with our partner countries, which are still faced with huge general health challenges. In these countries, specific vulnerable groups, like women and adolescents, even more frequently fall victim to easily preventable diseases, invalidity and premature death. Moreover, (unwanted) pregnancy and/or sexuality (e.g. HIV and AIDS) still too often cause such suffering.

For this reason, one of the main goals of our cooperation is to further reinforce the health system in Mozambique and extend basic healthcare. This is done using funding from local authorities, (international) NGOs and multilateral (UN) organisations and expertise (available in Flanders). Moreover, we want to help realise the right to (sexual) health and self-chosen and healthy pregnancy of women and adolescents in Mozambique and throughout the world.