Committee of Ministers of Dutch language Union held in The Hague

  • June 13, 2022

On Monday 13 June, the Committee of Ministers of the Union for the Dutch Language (Nederlandse Taalunie - NTU) met in The Hague. The Committee - composed of the Flemish and Dutch ministers for education and culture - meets annually to determine the policy of the language union.

Robbert Dijkgraaf, Dutch Minister of Education and Culture, Gunay Uslu, Dutch Secretary of State for Culture and Media, Jan Jambon, Flemish Minister of Culture, and Ben Weyts, Flemish Minister of Education, discussed, among other things, NTU's vision on the role, content and position of Dutch language education; the opportunities, thresholds and challenges of reading education in teacher training; and the actions for a future-oriented and decisive Dutch language studies.

On behalf of Surinam, which has been an associate member of the Union for the Dutch Language since 2003, Rajendre Khargi, the ambassador of Surinam in the Netherlands, took part in the consultation, as did Kris Van de Poel, general secretary of the Union, and Filip D’havé, Representative of Flanders in the Netherlands.

Afterwards, State Secretary Uslu and Minister Dijkgraaf invited their guests for an informal talk in the Johan de Witthuis, a seventeenth-century national monument that recalls the glorious past of the Dutch Countries (The Republic of the Seven United Provinces).

Delegation of Flanders in the Netherlands (only in Dutch)

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