Grant for UNESCO Klimate program for natural world heritage, 2020

Project: Building climate adaptation capacities at natural World Heritage sites - especially in Africa - with a focus on communication, training and fundraising.
Beneficiary: Unesco
Amount: USD 404,000
Duration: 2020 - 2022

This project supports the start-up of Unesco's climate programme for natural World Heritage, which is led by the Flemish Fanny Douvere.
The ultimate goal of this project is to strengthen the resilience of natural World Heritage sites in developing countries - and in Africa in particular - by building capacities for climate adaptation and developing a sustainable financing portfolio. Very concretely, the following activities will be carried out within the project: 

  • the development of communication and training materials for capacity building in climate adaptation for natural World Heritage sites
  • the implementation of training modules for capacity building in climate adaptation in a first two African natural World Heritage sites - with our preference for Southern Africa
  • the development, attraction and implementation of sustainable financing to increase capacity for climate adaptation, focusing on natural World Heritage in Africa and Least Developed Countries.