Grant amount

The Flanders Trainee Programme allocates fixed grant amounts for incurred travel and accommodation costs based on the work placement location.

If your work placement is located in Europe, you will receive a lump sum of 200 EUR for your travel expenses. If your work placement is located outside Europe, you will receive an amount of 500 EUR. If your work placement is located in Belgium, you will receive no subsidy for travel expenses. 

What do we understand by Europe? All Member States of the Council of Europe, Belarus and Kosovo.

The subsidy for subsistence costs comprises lump sums. These monthly amounts are laid down annually by Ministerial Order. (see policy framework - Amounts for 2020)

Be aware: 

The administrative processing procedure takes 20 working days on average. The exact length of the processing time may vary depending on the number of applications send in. 

The subsidy application must be submitted six months before the start of the work placement at the earliest. If the application is submitted after the start of the internship, financing may be provided for the remaining period of the work placement, provided this period lasts at least 2 full months. Please take into account that the effective payment of the subsidy takes one month and a half on average. 

The subsidy can be reclaimed fully or partially if the internship ends early or when it is found that the conditions are not met.