Since its inception, the Government of Flanders has conducted a foreign policy. Flanders Chancellery and Foreign Office is responsible for coordinating Flanders’ international and European activities and is therefore in charge of the relations between Flanders and foreign governments, the European Union and international organisations.

This includes:

• International and European trade policy;
• Development cooperation;
• Controlling the import, export and transit of dual use products, arms and other strategic goods from Flanders;
• Establishing and implementing European regulations, and concluding and ratifying international treaties.

Furthermore, the Department functions as Chancellery for the Government of Flanders and is responsible for:

• Better regulation policy;
• Communication and reputation policy;
• Evidence informed policy by statistics, strategic analysis and policy research;
• Long-term strategic vision of Flanders.


As an open society and economy, Flanders balances its commitment to the Flemish people, companies and organisations, with being a committed player in the world, including the strong influences that come with international involvement and partners. This interrelatedness serves to underscore the crucial role played by Flanders Chancellery and Foreign Office.


• delegations of Flanders at 14 missions for strong cooperation with our international partners;
• organising more than 30 foreign missions and 30 domestic receptions per year;
• monitoring and implementing more than 230 treaties and partnerships: trade agreements, Memoranda of Understanding, EU regulations and bilateral and multilateral treaties;
• support for numerous initiatives, projects and organisations - from cultural events and international conferences to financing development projects and funds for UN agencies;
• development, implementation, coordination and evaluation of Flanders’ foreign policy in all its aspects, from cross-border cooperation with neighbouring countries to arms trade control.


• The Department is centrally managed in Brussels and has about 290 staff members.
• the interdepartmental Flemish team at the Belgian permanent representation to the European Union in Brussels, led by a General Representative; 
• Thirteen Delegations of Flanders, accredited to the governments of neighbouring countries and a number of well-chosen countries and international organizations:

Flanders Chancellery and Foreign Office cooperates with, the agencies FLANDERS INVESTMENT & TRADE and VISITFLANDERS in order to realize Flanders’ international ambitions.

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