Sustainable development goal 1
SDG 2 zero hunger
Sustainable Development goal 5

For the majority of the African people, the revenues from agriculture are still the main source of income and livelihood. Agriculture not only provides families with food, but also generates revenues from the marketing of crops. There is growing awareness in Flanders and in Africa to invest in sustainable agricultural production and healthy food.

In Malawi, Flanders supports the agricultural extension services which advise farmers on how they can increase their production. In addition, these services give advice on the production of various crops that are resistant to the frequently recurring droughts, and on marketing.  Together with other development partners, Flanders finances initiatives of the Ministry for Agriculture, multilateral organisations, non-governmental actors and farmers’ organisations. It offers additional incentives for innovative initiatives in agriculture which take the consequences of global warming into account. Although women do most of the work in agriculture, they still have insufficient access to agricultural extension services and agricultural inputs. Again, Flanders wants to change this situation in collaboration with its partners.